Women Sentenced in Musician's Murder

Two women will spend time in custody for participating in a botched robbery that left a Philadelphia-area musician dead.

The Bucks County Courier Times reports
a judge sentenced 19-year-old Tatyana Henderson to one to two years in prison.
Henderson served as a lookout when Danny DeGennaro, 56, was fatally shot at his Levittown home on December 28, 2011. She was 17 at the time, but was charged as an adult.
Another woman, Danasia Bakr, who was charged as a juvenile also was sentenced on Tuesday. She'll continue serving time at a youth detention center for at least six more months.
The women testified against co-conspirators Jermaine Jackson, Breon Powell and Kazair Gist. They told jurors that Jackson recruited them to help "get money" from DeGennaro.
Jackson and Powell are serving life terms. Gist will be sentenced next week.

Investigators say the suspects targeted DeGennaro for robbery. They first attempted to lure the musician out of his home the night of the murder by asking him to show them a neighbor's car for sale which happened to be in his backyard, according to police.

"One of the young ladies made a call assuming that Mr. DeGennaro, because it was in his backyard, was the owner of the car," said Heckler.

Investigators say one of the suspects reached the neighbor by phone and was told to call back in the morning. The suspects then allegedly decided to break into DeGennaro's home anyway, killing him with a shotgun. Heckler is urging the three remaining suspects to come forward.

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