Pink-Haired Woman Sought in Philly Shooting

A woman is clinging to life after being shot five times and police are trying to find the distinctive looking couple who took off running after the shooting and may be involved.

The woman they are looking for is heavy-set with pink hair. The man is thin with a reddish-colored beard and black baseball cap. They both fled on foot, headed north on Haldeman Avenue.

The shooting happened at an apartment complex in the 9900 block of Haldeman in Northeast Philadelphia just before 3 p.m. The victim, a 23-year-old woman who has not been identified, was shot five times and rushed to the nearest police station by a friend in a van, according to police. The station on the corner of Bowler Street and Bustleton Avenue is about a two-minute drive from the crime scene.

Police then rushed her to the hospital where she is in critical condition.

They had the van towed to the police impound lot where detectives executed a search warrant. The driver of the van was also taken into custody and questioned by Northeast Detectives.

Police are trying to figure out if the shooting was random or if the victim was targeted. They say the woman did not live at the complex, but friends say she visited them there daily.

"I didn't think any of this would happen to my friend," said Domenico Cavaliere. "I'm just hoping and praying."

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