Woman Who Faked Cancer Could Get Jail Time

Alicia Tolton pleaded guilty to charges related to a scam where she took money from people who thought they were paying for medical bills

A Montgomery County woman could spend time in jail for faking cancer and then taking money from sympathizers, including her own family, who wanted to help her with treatments.

Alicia E. Tolton, 26, pleaded guilty Thursday to theft by deception, forgery and tampering with records. Earlier this year she entered guilty pleas to other charges related to the cancer scam.

Last year, Tolton lied to family and friends when she told them she had ovarian and breast cancer. The Upper Moreland woman even shaved her head so she could tell people it fell out during her treatments, according to a report in The Intelligencer.

Tolton took money that her own grandfather, friends and total strangers thought was being spent on cancer treatments and medical bills.

But Tolton's story fell apart as friends were organizing a fundraising event last October. That's when a family member who'd become suspicious, went to police because he "did not want innocent, good-hearted people to lose their money," according to The Intelligencer.

When police confronted Tolton, she handed over forged hospital invoices, admitted she did not have cancer and that she used the money to settle some drug debts and pay bills, according to report.

In February, she pleaded guilty in a $24,000 credit card scheme. Her parents were the victims.

Tolton will be sentenced at a later date. She faces a maximum of 14 years behind bars.

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