Wilmington City Council President Battles Snow-Covered Street to Get Neighbor to Dialysis

One of the leaders of Delaware's largest city (and his pickup truck) came to the rescue after a woman pleaded for someone to help rescue her husband from a medical emergency caused by snow-covered streets.

Wilmington City Council president Theo Gregory Sr. ensured that one of his constituents, and long-time neighbors, Joseph Cratic got the critical treatment he needed. Joseph's wife Sheila Moore Cratic called Gregory before daybreak Tuesday after being told that for a second-straight day a DART bus couldn't get down Jefferson Street near 22nd Street.

Shelia captured her husband's savior and posted it to Facebook: [[366601061, C]]

"She called me in tears," Gregory told

Luckily, Gregory has a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck that can make it down snowy streets. He also remembered an important lesson -- especially for someone who is 63 years old -- that helped him get Joseph up into the truck cab.

"The hardest part was lifting him into my 1500 Dodge Ram truck by myself," Gregory said. "I realized use your legs, not your arms."

After getting to the treatment center, Gregory even walked Joseph inside.

Gregory didn't consider his actions heroic but rather neighborly -- he's known the Cratics for more than a decade.

"It's something that we as neighbors do."

Gregory, who has served as council president for three years after a previous run of 24 years on council, didn't believe Sheila called him because of his stature.

"I really believe that she called me not because I'm a councilman but because I'm a neighbor," Gregory said. "I did what I would do for any of my neighbors around me."

The act of kindness, however, wasn't lost on Sheila who had dealt with the National Guard, EMS, DART and Wilmington Parks and Recreation before her plea to Gregory. “I thank God for your Kindness,” she said. [[366600861, C]]

As for the snowy street, parks and recreation deputy director Shawn Allen told Sheila that after three days the city would clear the Cratics' street Tuesday.

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