Montgomery County

Teen Fight at Willow Grove Carnival Sends Girl to Hospital

A fight among teenagers at a Montgomery County carnival Saturday night escalated to a group of girls ganging up on one, sending the teen to the hospital with injuries.

The fight broke out about 10 p.m. during the Roslyn Boys & Girls Club Carnival, an annual event held at Crestmont Park, along Old Welsh Road across the street from Willow Grove Park Mall, according to Abington Police.

Police said based on a preliminary investigation, they believe two girls who knew each other got into a fight, and that a number of other girls jumped in, eventually ganging up on the victim and assaulting her.

The victim's aunt told NBC10 one of the teens who attacked her had threatened her prior to the fight.

"That girl was making threats for a while now and had people my niece didn't know making threats," she said. "This wasn't over a boy. It was over nothing. This is what people need to hear about because these girls just have nothing to lose and feel like they have something to prove."

The victim was taken to Abington Memorial Hospital, where she was treated for abrasions and other injuries and later released, police said. All of the girls involved were under 18, according to police.

Police said they have identified some of the teenagers involved in the fight, but that detectives are still investigating and trying to determine who else was involved.

They're asking the public's help to identify others responsible for the assault. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Abington Police Detective Division at 267-536-1100 or email Det. Lisa Burton at

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