William Tennent Choir Leaves for London

NBC10 was there as the singers from Bucks County boarded the bus and left for the airport

The William Tennent Choir from Warminster, Bucks County has known for about a year that they would be heading to London. And in just a few days, they'll have their day in the Olympic spotlight.

NBC10 was there as the singers boarded the bus on Wednesday on their way to JFK airport.

On Thursday, they'll arrive in Dublin for some sightseeing and performing. Then on Aug. 4, they will travel to London where they will perform before Olympic crowds. They'll return home on Aug. 9.

"I'm so nervous for all the lights but I know it will be okay because we've all bonded as a big group for a while now and we're all a big happy family," said Melanie Kostrzewa, choir member.

They've been practicing for a year since they found out they were selected after submitting a performance tape at the end of the 2010-2011 school year.

"We knew it would be a lot of work and we've put in that work in and we're ready to go," said Dan McGorrey, choir member.

The William Tennent choir talked about their Olympic trip and gave a special performance on the 10! Show last Christmas. Click here to take a listen.


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