SEPTA Hits Same Man Twice: Authorities

An ironic twist of fate left a man using a wheelchair dead Friday afternoon.

The man was hit and killed by a SEPTA bus while he was crossing the street in his motorized wheelchair, according to witnesses.

It wasn't the first time that Milton Boneta was hit by a bus. A SEPTA bus hit the man while he was using a wheelchair back in 2008, according to SEPTA.

The claim from that original accident wasn't resolved yet. 

On Friday, a bus was turning from Girard Avenue onto 8th Street in North Philadelphia, when it hit Boneta, 61, and dragged him along for about half a block.

About 25 people were riding the bus when it happened and a dozen or so people on the street saw the accident.

Passenger Maurice Glass said he saw a man in the intersection and felt the bus hit him.

The bus accelerated and swerved onto the sidewalk, almost hit some gas pumps and then swerved across the street toward a building before it stopped, Glass said.

It was the Route 47 bus, operated by a driver with 16 years of experience, according to SEPTA.

No charges were filed against the driver since he was not driving recklessly, authorities said.

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