Cool Off & Savor Pennsylvania's Tasty New Ice Cream Trail

The Pursue Your Scoops Ice Cream Trail invites aficionados to 12 participating farms to witness the process of ice cream making from the very first step.

We all love ice cream, but how many of us really know how the delicious dairy dessert goes from the farm to the freezer?

On Thursday, Gov. Tom Wolf's administration launched Pennsylvania's first ever Pursue Your Scoops Ice Cream Trail at Fox Meadows Creamery in Ephrata, Lancaster County.

This program invites visitors to a "true farm-to-scoop" experience at 12 participating farms across seven southeastern Pennsylvania counties.

Guests will be able to earn prizes by checking off their visits on a passport as they move along the trail.

The stops on Pennsylvania's Pursue Your Scoops Ice Cream Trail. See Larger

"We are all in the business of happiness, and there are few things that put a bigger smile on one’s face more than ice cream," Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary Carrie Fischer Lepore said. "The Pursue Your Scoops Ice Cream Trail provides the farm experiences our travelers crave while adding an extra scoop to the local economy."

Among the farms participating are Freddy Hill Farms and Merrymead Farm in Montgomery County; Coventry Parlor at Laurel Locks and Chester Springs Creamery at Milky Way Farm in Chester County; Crystal Spring Farm in Lehigh County; and Twilight Acres Creamery & Bakery and Way-Har Farms in Berks County.

The dairy industry is the largest sector of Pennsylvania's $135.7 billion agriculture industry, contributing $14.7 billion annually and supporting more than 50,000 jobs, the state said.

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