Katy Perry

Wearable Self-Defense Device Named After Katy Perry Song

Yasmine Mustafa wants women walking through the city to feel empowered and self-assured, kind of like when she listens to Katy Perry’s “Roar.” That’s why she named her new wearable technology — engineered to keep women safe from assault — after the hit song.

Roar is local entrepreneur Mustafa’s latest invention. Her five-person team is currently developing a small module embedded with a high-pitched alarm and flashing light that can distract and disorient an attacker, while attracting attention to the victim. Roar is being designed small (the size of a quarter) and light-weight, so it can be attached to nearly anything — clothes, jewelry, belt loops, mobile phones, purses and so on.

“The alarm and flashing light will startle the attacker, providing the victim with an opportunity to escape,” Mustafa explained.

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