Wait, What? SEPTA Riders on Norristown High-Speed Line, King of Prussia Mall Buses to Pay Less in 2017

Take a deep breath, riders of SEPTA bus routes to King of Prussia Mall and Plymouth Meeting malls.

You're going to want to sit down for this too, all you commuters to the outer stops on the Norristown High-Speed Line.

Okay, ready? Fares are getting cheaper starting Jan. 1.

SEPTA has announced a "fare simplification" that will eliminate zones on the Norristown High-Speed Line and bus routes 123, 124, 125 and 150.

For riders on the four bus routes who travel multiple zones, it'll mean a savings of 50 cents a ride, with per ride costs dropping from $2.75 to $2.25.

Bus routes 123, 124 and 125 connect Philadelphia to King of Prussia Mall. Bus route 150 connects Parx Casino with the Plymouth Meeting Mall.

Multi-zone commuters along the Norristown High-Speed Line will save even more, up to $1.50 each ride for those who travel between Norristown and 69th Street Station.

The elimination of zones on the line will reduce the most expensive ride from $3.75 to $2.25.

To read the transit agency's complete rundown on what SEPTA calls its "ongoing efforts to simplify fares," click here.

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