Bullets Spray Philadelphia House With Children Inside

Someone opened fire – possibly from a car -- as a man stepped out of a Logan home overnight, spraying bullets into a home with children inside, said Philadelphia Police. And the gunshot victim took a unique route to the hospital.

Bullets struck the 24-year-old in the arm in front of a home along Wagner Avenue near N 11th Street around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

The gunshot victim was nowhere to be found when police officers arrived on the scene.

“Apparently this 24-year-old victim, after being shot, ran about three blocks to Einstein Hospital,” said Small.

Doctors treated the victim in stable condition.

In total, it appeared eight bullets were fired.

“Two of the bullets entered the living room of the private residence that the victim had just left,” said Small. “One bullet went through the front door, another bullet went through a living room window.”

Eight young adults and four children – a 6-month-, 2-year-, 4-year- and 6-year-old – were inside at the time.

“We’re very lucky that of those 12 people inside the property, none of them were struck by gunfire,” said Small.

Investigators hoped that surveillance video would help reveal if the gunfire came from a passing car. The shooting remained under investigation early Wednesday.

“It appears that the shooting victim was targeted,” said Small.

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