U.S. Mint Proposes New “Gold Standard?”

 So long, Mr. Washington! The U.S. Mint has a new campaign to wean the American people off of the paper dollar and embrace the shiny golden dollar coins to help us all “go green."

The Mint’s plan for Americans to circulate more dollar coins will help to protect the environment, as well as save lots of tax money--aiding the economy.

Those golden dollar coins that everyone loves to collect (but refuse to spend) last about 16 times longer than their paper counterparts. The best part is, they are able to be cheaply recycled, rather than re-created from scratch.

 The new gimmick is to print new dollar coins every year featuring the presidential faces. The Mint is concerned that people who are stuck in their ways, or too keen on the "greenback," won't accept the switch.

Canada has replaced their one and two-dollar notes with coins; and in Europe, the lowest amount printed in paper is 5 euros. If they can do it, why can't we?

As long as people continue to think of dollar coins as collectors' items and are reluctant to spend or even carry them, the Mint has quite a challenge on their hands.

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