Tropical Storm Danny: No Major Threat

If Danny continues the way it's going, you may not even notice the storm.

Although tropical storm Danny is strengthening, it looks like it may not be the threat to that it once was.
As of Thursday evening, Danny appears to be moving East and if it continues on that path, it may be so far East, that Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware will be on the much weaker side. In fact, if it's far enough off shore, we may not even notice the storm.

That's not to say it's not going to rain and rip currents are going be dangerous.

Here’s Meteorologist Glenn "Hurricane Schwartz's assessment:

If the storm goes far enough off shore, the winds may not be much of a factor and the rain will be mainly off shore. Maybe we'll get some showers but that might be related to a front that's near. So all in all, this is not looking like a major threat to our portion of the East Coast.

But still, even the small threat of a storm may put a damper on pocket books for some business owners who've already had a slow summer.

“It’s been a very, very bad summer this year. We don’t need the storm. [Business has been] slow,” said Galina Star, manager of La Cigale Café.

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