Trip to McD's, Side of Indecent Exposure: Cops

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A Newark, Delaware man is arrested after allegedly having his genitalia hanging out of his pants before, during, and after a trip to a local McDonald’s.

Including when he rode away on his motorcycle.

Around 7:50 Monday night, 43-year-old Joel Stevenson exposed himself to a woman outside of the McDonald’s in the 2300 block of Glasgow Avenue, according to police. The 26-year-old victim said she saw Stevenson facing her direction, hanging out while hanging out by his motorcycle.

After he entered the restaurant, the victim called 9-1-1 because Stevenson still hadn’t zipped up his pants, police say.

When he came back out, he was still out, the victim said, including when he hopped on his motorcycle and left.

She was able to record the bike’s registration number.

Troopers say they confirmed that Stevenson was exposed the entire time he was in McDonald’s after consulting surveillance video.

After an investigation using the video and registration number, troopers say they learned that Joel Stevenson is a Tier I registered sex offender.

Officers then went to Stevenson’s home and arrested him without incident.

He has been charged with lewdness and indecent exposure in the second degree.

Stevenson is currently being held at the Howard Young Correctional Institution.

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