Transit Police Nab High Driver After Slow-Mo Pursuit: Chief

5 mph.

That's how fast a man, high on PCP, drove as transit police pursued him through Kensington Friday night, SEPTA Police tell NBC10.

Transit officers attempted to stop the driver around 7 p.m. along the 300 block of E. Allegheny Avenue, but he didn't comply. So the officers followed.

"He was so heavily under the influence that he didn't see police vehicle or hear [the] siren," Chief Thomas J. Nestel said in a tweet to NBC10. "My tweet was going faster than the pursuit."

Nestel said the driver eventually stopped several blocks later at Emerald Street and was placed under arrest. A search of the man's car turned up more PCP in the driver's compartment, officials said.

No one was hurt.

"The most dangerous thing that happened during this 'pursuit' was traffic slowed down as they passed the chase," Nestel said.

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