Tolls Proposed on Route 422

11 cent per mile tolls sought on 25-mile stretch of the highway

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission is expected to release a report on Monday that calls for the creation of an 11 cent per mile toll on portions of Route 422, according to

The plan, which calls for drivers to pay 11 cents per mile, comes from the findings of a multi-year study, according to Drivers traveling the most heavily trafficked 25-mile stretch of the highway-- from Douglassville to the Route 202 interchange-- would be tolled. The cost of a one-way trip through that area would be $2.75. reports that a locally run authority would be created to collect the tolls, which would help fund roadway improvements (including the creation of new lanes).

For drivers with the electronic toll paying system, E-Zpass, the fees would be tracked by overhead transponders at four locations along the route, according to Cameras set up at the four locations would be used to track drivers without E-Zpass. also reports that those motorists would receive bills sent to the address where their license plates are registered.

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