The Landlord Hall of Shame

Mayor to Slumlords: "Shame" on You

It's not exactly the kind of recognition you'd celebrate with high fives or an evening cocktail with friends.

It's the Landlord Hall of Shame! That's right, "shame" not "fame."  And, it’s reserved for the landlords whose rental properties are so bad off, they've been dubbed UNFIT for humans.

“They’re chronic abusers of the system,” Allentown’s mayor, Ed Pawlowski said. “They buy up these properties, suck’em for all they’re worth. They leave the dead corpses that are basically rotting and destroying our neighborhoods. We’re tired of it!”

The city's "Hall of Shame" Committee says New Jersey brothers Adam and Ira Thor are worthy of the title.  Three of their 8 rental properties made the city's "unfit" list.

Adam Thor says this isn’t his fault and is threatening to sue the City of Allentown for defamation. Thor tells NBC10 he inherited a lot of problems and bad tenants when he bought the properties.

“I’d gladly do the repairs,” Thor said. “I’d love to sit with the Mayor! He obviously doesn’t want to sit with me! That’s why he went this route! I’d love to sit with the Mayor and work out whatever we can!”

Want to nominate your landlord? The city of Allentown is giving you the opportunity to help elect the next Hall of Shame inductee. Call the Bureau of Building Standards and Safety at 610-437-7690.

For more information about the Landlord Hall of Shame and the list of criteria for nominees visit the City of Allentown web site.

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