Philly Parking Authority Gets the Blues

A blues song dedicated to it, that is

It's possible that Max Fisher set a record at the Philadelphia Parking Authority for the most times one person's car has been impounded, but that's not why the people there will remember him.

The musician -- turned Political Scientist turned musician again -- celebrated freeing his car from the choke hold of the people at the Parking Authority for the eighth time by writing a song telling them exactly how he felt about their fine establishment.

Luckily, A&E's series "Parking Wars" caught the tune on tape. The show documents the daily dilemmas of enforcing parking laws in Philadelphia and Detroit, but it's not often they catch scenes like this one.

"Well I was in line all day and I had nothing to do," Fisher said casually at the beginning of the video. "So I wrote a song about the Philadelphia Parking Authority."

Acoustic guitar in hand, he entered the building and asked the girl in front of him to hold up his hand-scribbled lyric sheet. Then slowly and steadily, the "Parking Blues" began.

"I woke up this morning, I went to get my car, when I saw her missing, I didn't have to look far -- I saw the sign above the street, I saw the sign above the street."

"At least he's in tune," commented one of the workers at the authority.

Fisher acquired quite the crowd of line members and workers alike -- we must admit, it's a pretty catchy song.

"They took my money. They took my time. They took my dignity. Ain't that the real crime?"

The Center City resident told NBCPhiladelphia that his relationship with the PPA has spanned about seven or eight years.

"I like to sleep and ya know, I get forgetful," he joked.

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