The Bulldog Blog With Brady McHale

Let me introduce myself. I'm Brady McHale, I’m currently a sophomore in high school at Lower Merion.

I was given the wonderful opportunity to blog about high school life and tell stories affecting kids in our area and around the world right here on

So obviously, with the start of the new school year means the start of my blog.

Throughout the school year I will try to post weekly blogs about my high school experiences (in and out of the school) along with things going on at school. I will be touching on stories that are going on in classrooms and schools in our area and other topics that might peak Philadelphian's interests.

In addition to my stories I'd love to tell yours too. I'd even like to hear your comments on my blog. Like it, love it or what I can improve on. I'm open to anything. So email me.

I invite you to bookmark my page and enjoy all that I have to share.

See ya next week!

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