Student Suspended Over Hot Girls Contest

A hot girls contest got high school senior Mike Butrym suspended from school and he thinks that's a little harsh.

"I thought they were going to give me a lecture, tell me to cut it out," Butrym told the Daily Record. "They told me I was disrupting the school environment and crossing the lines of sexual harassment. ... I don't think the punishment fit the crime."

Butrym said he was just honoring a tradition at Montville High.

"May Madness" is modeled after college basketball's "March Madness." Instead of picking teams for their brackets, the teenage boys pick 16 female students from each grade. Each day, they pair off the girls and judge them on their appearance.

The girl with the higher rank advances to the next round.

Butryn, 18, says half the girls thought it was a joke and started a hottest boy version. His mom, a kindergarten teacher, said she didn't see anything wrong with "May Madness" and that students didn't seem to mind either.

School officials found out about this year's contest when Butrym and other participants wore matching "May Madness" T-shirts.

Butrym was suspended for five days for "intimidation, harassment and insubordination."


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