Street, PHA Members to Resign

PHA board members are stepping down after HUD requests resignations.

In a release Saturday from the Philadelphia Housing Authority, former Philadelphia mayor and current PHA chairman John F. Street says he and the other members of the board will resign.

They are stepping down after a request by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to resign, even though they feel the action is “unwarranted.”

Chairman and former mayor John F. Street said in an e-mail message Saturday that he has spoken to each of the five members and they will “fully cooperate” with HUD. Two members earlier told The Philadelphia Inquirer that they had no plans to step down.

HUD Deputy Secretary Ron Sims said there was a need restore confidence and protect funding after the September firing of longtime executive director Carl R. Greene and ensuing federal investigations.

The board said Greene used about $900,000 in public money to settle a series of sexual harassment allegations, prompting Street to call him “the Tiger Woods of public housing.” Also, workers for Greene filed a lawsuit in September, saying that they were forced to make payroll deductions into a slush fund that paid for their boss to throw parties.

In a press release, PHA says they will hold a special meeting on Friday, March 4, to offer additional comments.

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