SPCA Investigates Chesco Cat Killings

Nine cats have been found dead in Chester County within the past month.

Animal owners in Chester County are on high alert as the SPCA continues to investigate a series of cat murders throughout the region since September.

The SPCA discussed the cat killings during a press conference on Wednesday. Four kittens and two cats from a cat colony were found dead in East Fallowfield Township.

“Four were mutilated and two died from unknown causes,” said Cheryl Law of the Chester County SPCA.

Two cats were discovered at a home in East Pikeland Township, having died from blunt force trauma. Investigators say the animals had either a hole inside or a broken jaw and could have been struck by a car.

Finally, one cat was killed in North Coventry Township appearing to have been shot with an arrow.

“There was a hole that went completely through the cat’s side and out the other side,” said Law. “There was also an arrow that was found in that general area which appeared to have cat fur on it that matched the cat.”

“I think it’s a shame and disgusting that someone would hurt an innocent animal like that,” said Stacie Scheer of West Goshen.

The SPCA warns cat owners to keep their pets inside, especially black cats since Halloween is around the corner.

“I would hate to see anything happen to him,” said Mark Bogart, the owner of an orange tiger cat. “But he is an outside cat, he is pretty independent.”

The SPCA also warns that cats may not be the only ones in serious danger.

“People that murder and abuse humans generally started with abusing animals,” said Becky Turnbull of the Chester County SPCA. “There’s a lot of correlation.”

The SPCA says they don’t have any suspects at the moment but are following several leads. They are currently investigating whether the three incidents are related.

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