Local Student Makes Music Video for Yale

A local high school senior takes a unique approach to attract attention from Yale admissions

A local teen is trying to catch the attention of a college admissions department, through song.

Jackie Milestone, a senior at Harriton High School in Lower Merion, posted a video on YouTube, hoping to attract the attention of Yale University.

"I love the academics, I love the area, I love the student population, everything," said Jackie.

Jackie applied to the school's early action pool last fall but was deferred. Heartbroken but unwilling to give up on her dream, Jackie decided to use her musical talent to send a message to the Ivy League University.

Jackie created a music video, posted it on youtube and emailed it to Yale. Her older sister served as the director while her two classmates were also featured in the video.

"My hope is that this song and video will help to show that Yale is more than just my first choice school, it is a school I know well and have dreamed of attending," Jackie says in her post.

The high school senior hopes the video encourages the admissions office to give her another chance.

The video has gained nearly 8,000 views on youtube and was also featured in the Yale campus newspaper. While the video has gained plenty of fans it's also attracted critics, who say getting into Yale is based on grades rather than gimmicks. Jackie's classmates support her efforts however.

"Everyone should have the ultimate opportunity to try as hard as they can to get anywhere and you should just get over yourself if you don't like it," said Harriton High Senior Steve Klein.

Jackie claims a Yale admissions officer told her they've seen the video. She's now waiting for Yale's April 1 deadline for the school to make its final decision.

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