Alleged Murderer of NJ House Sitter Held on Bail

A man accused of murdering a woman who was house-sitting at his mother's South Jersey home was held on bail on Wednesday.

On Sep. 20, Kathleen Korbel, 54, of Grenloch, New Jersey, was shot and killed at a home on Mayflower Drive in Gloucester Township.

Korbel’s body was found inside the home. Prosecutors say she had been shot multiple times. Investigators also say 50 pieces of jewelry, collectible coins, cash and Korbel's medication were stolen from the home.

According to officials, within days of Korbel's death, investigators honed in on 46-year-old Timothy Donnelly of Elk Township as the suspect. Donnelly's mother lived at the home where Korbel was killed and was the one who asked her to house-sit. Police say his mother was not home at the time of the incident and was not involved in the crime.

According to police, a motorcycle matching the description of Donnelly's Yamaha was seen outside the home at the time of the murder. Police also say a witness spotted Donnelly carrying a gun in his waistband as well as a prescription pill bottle matching the description of a morphine prescription that belonged to Korbel. According to police, Korbel's name was on the bottle in Donnelly's possession.

Police also say they found the missing jewelry inside a duffel bag belonging to Donnelly. Finally, police say they recovered a box of ammunition that Donnelly buried shortly after the killing.

On October 5, Donnelly was arrested and charged charged with murder, felony murder and robbery. On Wednesday he was arraigned and held on $1.5 million bail.

"I'm very happy and grateful," said Korbel's neighbor. "Now the family can get some closure. I went to the funeral. It should have never happened."

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