Smelly Water in Ventnor Has Residents Concerned for Safety

Mayor Theresa Kelly says the water is safe and that residents shouldn't worry

Residents in Ventnor, N.J. are worried about the quality of their drinking water. Nearby at the Ventnor Heights water tower, water flows freely from an open manhole 24 hours a day. That water is omitting a smell described by some as unpleasant and sulfur like, according to NBC40.

Afraid to drink the water and concerned for their health, some residents have been purchasing bottled water.

Ventnor Mayor Theresa Kelly told NBC40 there is no cause for alarm.  

Kelly explained that the well and pump house are being repaired so in the meantime the water source for the tower is coming from somewhere else. 

“If there is ever a problem with it, something they need to know we will let them know,” Kelly told NBC40.
The mayor invites any resident with concerns or questions to call her office.
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