SkyForce10 is the most powerful news-gathering tool of its kind in our region

When you're covering an area as big as Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, you need air power!

NBC10's SkyForce10 is on the beat with the most powerful HD helicopter camera in the industry. It's capable of reading a license plate from 2,000 feet above. It's the best birds-eye view in our area, period.

But what really sets SkyForce10 apart is how it revolutionizes news reporting in the region. SkyForce10 can help cover the story by putting our reporters on the scene from up above.

"Now, we've got a multi-tiered approach," said NBC10 Reporter Christine Maddela. "Of course we have our team on the ground for every breaking news situation, but we have SkyForce10 in the air, with a journalist inside, being able to tell you what's going on -- not only what you're seeing but how that affects you and tell the story behind it. It is really a game-changer."

And SkyForce10 is equipped with cutting-edge reporting tools that help NBC10 news literally paint a clearer picture of what's happening.

"I can now use a telestrator and draw directly on the screen to show viewers, to show veiwers, to say, 'Hey, if you're driving South on this interstate, this is exactly where it's going to affect you,' and so we can make things a lot more real."

Better pictures, better technology that keeps you on top of what's new, what's happening now and what's next!

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