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Here's How to Keep Kids Busy in a Snowstorm: Invent a Kiddy Snow Plow

Mike Brown figured out a way to keep his young kids amused in the snow storm, and shovel his driveway at the exact same time.

The West Grove, Chester County, man jury-rigged his son Chase's miniature Ford Raptor F150 toy pickup truck into a plow during the last storm with significant snow a couple week ago.

His wife, Nichole, says Chase, 3, and his sister, McKenna, 2, love it. She added that Mike is very impressed with his own ingenuity.

"He says it's something he would have wanted when he was a kid," Nichole said as the family relaxed inside their West Grove, Chester County, home as snow piled up outside during the rare winter storm in spring.

Here's how he did it:

Brown, a correctional officer, took apart a snow shovel during the last significant snow fall in early March.

He then bolted the shovel head to the front of the truck on a swivel, using PVC pipe underneath to connect the shovel with the push handle in the rear of the mini-truck. A string also linking to the handle to the shovel head allows Brown to control the up and down motion of the shovel.


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"She thought she was helping Daddy," Nichole said of McKenna, who borrowed her brother's truck for a few minutes, which is when the video was shot.

The parents like to instill the children with some know-how, Nichole said, which may eventually work out in everyone's favor.

"Gotta start them young," she said. "Mike had them helping put furniture together and changing the oil on our car recently."

"By age 5, we shouldn't have to do anything around here."

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