Police Had Wrong Man in Logan Shooting

Authorities release picture of suspected gunman, accused of firing at officers on Wednesday, after taking the wrong man in custody

A man was in custody, just over an hour after he allegedly fired at Philadelphia police on Wednesday morning, according to authorities.

But later in the day police say he wasn't the man who they believe fired shots at officers after breaking into a car on the 300 block of East Elmwood Street around 6 a.m. in the Logan section of the city.

The suspect is accused of stealing a firearm from that car, according to Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan, and then firing three shots at officers.

No one was injured.

Police are urging people to find a safer place to leave their weapons.

"This is something we need to stress to people -- your vehicle is not a place to store your firearm, buy a lock box and store it in your home," said Sullivan.

Police are following leads to try and find the actual shooter.

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