Carjacker Sketch Released, Grandma's Car Found

We get our first look at what an alleged shoplifter who police say carjacked an elderly woman on Easter morning looks like.

Brooklawn Police released a composite sketch late Tuesday of the man they say carjacked the 80-year-old outside the Metro Diner at Crescent Boulevard (Route 130) and Browning Lane Sunday morning.

Catherine Hodge had just wrapped up breakfast with her family around 11 a.m. when a man in his 20s fleeing after being confronted about shoplifting at the Rite Aid next door pulled her from her vehicle. Hodge says the man opened the door as she placed the key in the ignition.

"I hadn't turned it on," she said. "If I turned it on, the doors would have been locked."

Police say the man pushed Hodge out of her 2008 four-door Honda Accord, got inside and then drove off.

"I said, 'leave me alone, stop it,' and he grabbed me and pushed me out," said Hodge. "I ran around saying, 'help me, please somebody help me.' I was yanked from behind the wheel. I thank God he didn't have a gun or a knife."

Hodge's purse, with cash and credit cards, was in the vehicle, police said.

If you recognize this man you should call Brooklawn Police.

Hodge was shaken up but refused medical treatment at the scene. Her family later took her to the hospital where she was treated for a swollen foot, cuts and bruises.

Her car was found lin a nearby town, police said. But her attacker remained on the loose.

Police hope fingerprints found at the scene along with the sketch help them track him down.

Hodge says the experience has made her more cautious.

"From now on I'm going to get in my car right away and lock the doors," she said.

Anyone who knows anything about the crimes should call (856) 456-0750 Ext. 110.

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