School Bus Carrying Students Who Are Hearing Impaired, Dump Truck Collide in Delaware

School bus carrying students from Delaware School for the Deaf

A school bus with children headed to a school for the deaf and a dump truck collided in Wilmington, Delaware Friday morning leaving multiple people in each vehicle hurt.

The bus and truck crashed at D and Heald streets around 7:50 a.m., Wilmington firefighters said.

The Christiana School District bus was bound for the Delaware School for the Deaf and came to rest against a pole, firefighters said.

The school bus driver, an aide and one minor student were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, firefighters said.

Firefighters extricated a passenger from the dump truck -- its windshield and front end smashed -- and transported her to the hospital.

"When I got to the dump truck I noticed they were bleeding, really bad, the lady was pinned underneath the dashboard," Witness Rodney Harmon said.

Harmon and others called 911 and emergency responders quickly arrived.

The dump truck driver suffered minor injuries, firefighters said.

The unharmed students would be released to parents, firefighters said.

No word official yet on what caused the wreck but a witness said it appeared the dump truck missed a stop light.

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