Dan Stamm

Philly Police Capture Escaped Handcuffed Man After Robbery, Stabbing

A handcuffed man escaped police custody before being recaptured

Cameras rolled early Wednesday as Philadelphia police officers recaptured an escaped handcuffed man suspected in a robbery and stabbing.

The robbery and subsequent arrests played out in the city’s Lawncrest neighborhood.

It all started around 3:15 a.m. along Colgate Street, police said. A 46-year-old manager of a chicken restaurant was entering his home when a man armed with a knife and a gun tried to rob him.

The armed man then stabbed the other man in the left arm, leaving him with superficial wounds, then took off, police said.

A short time later, officers found the suspect nearby and put him in handcuffs. But, while handcuffed, he managed to escape the officers and run off inside the Lawndale Apartments complex.

Officers and a K-9 then spent parts of the morning hours looking for him. Police said they did find a bloody knife around the Tabor and Comly area, but, they didn’t recover the gun.

More than 90 minutes would then pass before officers were seen leading the handcuffed man, who has yet to formally charged of named, into a police car. He seemed to be yelling something as he was put in the police car.

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