Restaurant's Facebook Page Insults Bad Tippers

Restaurant workers rarely have anything nice to say about bad tippers. But at least one employee at a New Castle County restaurant is being accused of crossing the line with his comments.

Pictures of three customers and their receipts, showing little or no tips, at Padi Restaurant in Hockesssin, New Castle County, Delaware were posted on the Instagram account “Fumanchu85.” The comments under the pictures used insulting language and racial slurs.

"Cheap a**, order takeout and eat it at the bar. #notip #monday #cheap #trash," read one post.

"What do you expect from a last name like that? Sand n****** will never change #cheap #jew," read another post.

Padi’s Facebook page also featured negative comments about customers.

“Whoever just ordered takeout, came in and opened it up. Sat down on a table and got plates, drinks and ate it. In the end didn’t even bother tipping a single dollar. Whoever that is, you need to learn how to respect others,” read one post on April 5.

“People need to take their meds before leaving the comfort of their home, why would you come to an Asian restaurant when you don’t feel like having Asian food,” read another on October 1, 2012.

The Instagram account belongs to the restaurant’s manager, Aaron Kwan. Kwan also manages the Facebook Page. Kwan denied that he posted the pictures and wrote the comments however. He also told Delaware Online that at least six other employees have access to both accounts. Kwan was placed on unpaid leave as the owner, Eve Teoh, continues to investigate. She did tell the newspaper that she didn't think Kwan posted the comments; that it was probably the waiters.

“I just do whatever I can,” said Teoh. “I apologize, that’s it.”

Teoh says the online rants are not consistent with the beliefs and values of the restaurant, which serves Thai and Japanese cuisine. She also says she personally reached out to the affected customers, posted an apology letter at the front of the restaurant and is taking the steps to retrain her workers.

“We had a social media consultant,” said Teoh. “They’ll take care of everything in the future. It won’t be happening again.”

Since the controversy, the restaurant has shut down both its Instagram and Facebook pages. Customers meanwhile, say service at the restaurant is normally good and that the tips should reflect that.

“You’d hope people would tip according to the service they received,” said John Boyle. “After all, isn’t that what a tip stands for?”

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