Atlantic County

Rabid Raccoon Captured in Atlantic County

Testing confirmed Friday that a raccoon discovered near a family's dog in the yard of an Atlantic County home was rabid.

The resident found the lethargic raccoon outside his home on Shadeland Avenue in Pleasantville and contacted authorities.

Animal control officers removed the animal, which was sent to the state lab to test for the viral disease.

No humans were exposed to rabies, an investigation shows. The dog from Shadeland Avenue was current with its rabies vaccination, but will receive a booster vaccination and be placed under a 45-day observation period.

After officials confirmed the raccoon was rabid Friday, they issued a warning to neighbors urging them to stay away from wild animals and keep their own pets' vaccinations up-to-date.

"Dogs and cats who receive an initial rabies vaccination are not considered immunized until 28 days after the vaccine has been administered," the notice reads. "It is strongly recommended that any animal newly vaccinated or those too young to receive the vaccine.. not be left outdoors unattended."

A free clinic is held at the Atlantic County  Animal Shelter at 240 Old Turnpike Road, Pleasantville, each month. The next session will take place Sept. 21 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

County officials report several other rabies cases involving a bat, a fox, two skunks and four raccoons occurred in 2014 prior to this incident.

Parents are encouraged to teach children to stay away from wild, stray or aggressive animals, the notice said. Anyone bit by an animal, should wash the wound immediately with soap and water and seek medical attention.

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