Mother Goose Makes Nest Outside of Local Deli

A feathered friend has a temporary home outside of a deli in North Wales.

A mother goose made a nest outside of Pumpernick's Deli, located at 917 Bethlehem Pike in North Wales. 

Manager Jeff Klein says he believes the goose first showed up at the deli around a month ago and, after building a nest and laying eggs, has been there ever since. He says his customers have not stopped talking about the goose, who has become a popular figure among deli patrons.

"People keep asking if we're putting goose on the menu," Klein said. "It's become a running joke among customers."

Jokes aside, Klein explains he began calling to see if animal control could move the goose to a safer environment, but chose not to go forward because he "believes in letting nature take its course".

Klein's biggest concern is making sure people are staying at a safe distance and not feeding or bothering the goose, whose eggs are due to hatch at any moment. He says customers have brought in bags of bird seed and they are keeping water out, but people need to remember to let the geese have their space.

As for a name, Klein says no one has come up with anything yet, but is open to any suggestions. 

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