NJ Prof Arrested for Allegedly Soliciting Sex From Teen, Mother

Man allegedly uses Internet to convince a "woman" and her "daughter" to come to Philly for sex

A Mount Airy resident who is also a Rider University professor found himself at the center of an undercover online sex bust.

Dr. Austin Winther went to Philadelphia International Airport Monday for what he thought was a sexual encounter with an Idaho mother and her 13-year-old daughter, according to FBI officials.

But instead of the girl and her mother, Winther was met with federal agents who promptly arrested him.

Winther, who is listed on Rider's website as an assistant professor and teacher of education but has been on long-term disability since October 2009, was the focus of an undercover sting that started back in October, according to court documents.

He allegedly used various online aliases to chat, e-mail, send porn and set up a meeting with a mother named “Jill” and her teenage daughter “Jen.”

Winther even allegedly offered money to “Jill” to help pay for a hotel room for her and “Jen” so that the duo would come to Philly for sex, according to court papers.

It all started on Oct. 22 when an undercover officer created an account named, “marriedmom” on an Internet relay chat program and entered a room called “#Pedoclub but was quickly kicked out of the room and told that his screen name would be banned, according to court docs.

Within moments of leaving the room, the officer received a chat request from someone using the name “Jammmessssss.”

The conversation between “Jammmessssss” and “marriedmom” turned sexual and allegedly included elicit statements including Jammmessssss saying that he would have sex with a younger person “if the girl wants it” and is “not forced.”

“Jammmessssss” then allegedly sent a photo to “marriedmom,” asked her for “her” e-mail and told “her” that his name was “Austin,” according to court docs.

A short time later an e-mail arrived from “Jammmessssss” confirming the e-mail address. Later an e-mail arrived from another address that asked for another chat and was signed “Austin A Winther,” according to court docs.

“Jammmessssss” IP address linked back to Winther’s home address in Mount Airy, according to authorities.

Between late October and his arrest, Winther allegedly used a couple aliases including “Jammmessssss” and “Blastguy2001” to have numerous crude conversations with who he thought was the girl and her mother, according to authorities.

A face-to-face was eventually agreed upon the led to authorities arresting Winther for the alleged attempting luring and other offenses.

Winther faces a variety of charges including attempted sexual contact with a minor, attempted transfer of porn to a child and interstate commerce charges, according to court records.

Rider officials say that Winther "is not expected ever to return" to the university. He had taught postgraduate classes at the Lawrenceville Campus, officials said.

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