Priceless Photo of Newlywed and Late Father Stolen at Center City Restaurant

A woman’s attempt to reconnect with her late father ended in heartbreak when a priceless photo of the two was stolen at a Center City restaurant. Now she’s begging for the person responsible for the theft to return it to her.

Lana Fisher Hess of Dallas, Texas along with her husband Cody Hess, mother and brother visited Philadelphia in order to grow closer to her father, Gary Fisher. Gary passed away at the age of 63 on Aug. 8 during Lana’s wedding rehearsal dinner. Lana and Cody got married the next day.

Gary had frequently visited the Philadelphia area to receive treatment for ocular melanoma, a rare but aggressive form of cancer. During his visits, he grew to love Philly’s history, museums and culture. In January Lana and her family decided to visit some of her father’s favorite places in Philly, including Sawatdee, a Thai Restaurant located on South 15th Street.

During their visit at the restaurant Thursday night, someone stole Lana’s wallet. That wallet didn’t just contain cash however. A priceless photo of Lana and her father was also inside.

The photo was taken by Lana’s wedding photographer as a special gift. Knowing that Gary may not have the chance to dance with his daughter during her wedding, the photographer took a picture of the two dancing during a special session. Lana attached the framed picture on her bouquet and carried it down the aisle during her wedding.

“This has become a treasured memory for Lana and Cody since Gary could not be there to walk Lana down the aisle himself,” said Lana’s aunt and Gary’s sister Judy Newell.

Lana told NBC10 she reported the theft to police but has not yet heard back from investigators. Workers at Sawatdee also said the restaurant does not have any surveillance cameras inside.

Lana, who returned to Texas over the weekend, told NBC10 she doesn’t care about the money. All she wants is her photo.

“I’ll give the [[thief]] the money if he wants it,” she said. “I just want my picture back, no questions asked.”

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the photo, please email Lana at lanarose09@gmail.com.

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