The End to Free Evening Parking Promotions in Philly

Free parking in Philadelphia is about to become even more limited after the PPA and City of Philadelphia announced the conclusion of two parking promotions.

On Thursday, the PPA and City of Philadelphia announced the end of no meter fees after 5:00 p.m. each Wednesday and on the first Friday of each month in Old City. 

The free parking promotion started under Mayor Ed Rendell back in the 1990's as a way to revitalize Center City.

The end of the free parking comes along with the success of the PPA's pay-by-phone app, meterUp. 

"Beginning October 5 for the Wednesday promo and October 7 for first Friday, meter fees will be required every night, including Wednesdays and first Fridays, up to the time posted on the parking regulation sign on each block," explained a release issued by the PPA Thursday.

The PPA and City of Philadelphia said the conclusion of the promotions is intended to increase parking opportunites for those shopping and dining in the city. The PPA has also increased time limits in the evening on most Center City blocks allowing enough time for people to move their cars without being rushed. 

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