Philly's Subway Hero Suing NYPD

Joseph Lozito says police on the train did nothing to help as he fought a homicidal hacker.

In February, Philadelphian Joseph Lozito was attacked by a knife-wielding hacker on a subway car under Times Square in New York.

Lozito, who was stabbed in the head by a man accused of going on a 28-hour stabbing rampage through New York City, fought off his attacker.

Now, he’s suing the New York Police Department claiming that two officers on the car at the time of the attack failed to protect him in any way, reports the Philadelphia Daily News.

According to the paper, that the lawsuit is based on reports that the officers locked themselves in the motorman’s compartment during the attack.

“When the news was brought to my attention that police had an opportunity to intervene and maybe prevent the whole incident, and it was explained to me they chose to stay in the motorman’s compartment instead of coming out, I was very upset, Lozito told the Daily News.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that the Northeast Philly resident recently returned to his job in New York at the Lincoln Center, but says that he’s still feeling the repercussions of the stabbing – including daily headaches.

Lozito also confirms to the Daily News that the police failed to help him after he was stabbed.

The accused attacker, Maksim Gelman, was arraigned last month in Brooklyn Criminal Court on charges that he hacked three people to death.

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