Philly Zoo Wants You to Name the Lion Cubs!

The Philadelphia Zoo needs your help naming the newest additions to its African lion family.

Tajiri and Makini are new parents to four lion cubs born June 26. They are the first lion cubs to be born at the Philadelphia Zoo since 1996.

Visit here to vote on the first cub's name.

A big cat's pregnancy is just 100 to 115 days in length. The zoo staff prepared for the births by preparing three rooms. The lioness opted for the room with the most privacy.

Tajiri, a first-time mom, has shown very strong maternal behavior since birth and has guarded the cubs carefully from view," according to Kay Buffamonte, First Niagara Big Cat Falls lead keeper. 

The cubs are monitored via cameras and have had limited human interaction.

The winning names will be announced when the cubs make their first public appearance, which is to be determined by zookeepers and staff pending healthy progress.

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