Philly Women's March Focuses on Supreme Court and Trump's Nominee

Women gathered on Independence Mall and took to Philly streets Saturday, protesting ahead of the election and while Amy Coney Barrett goes through nomination proceedings.

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President Donald Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court was one of the main issues protested at Saturday's Women's March in Philadelphia, according to reporting from NBC10's partner KYW Newsradio.

Several hundred masked women and other supporters took to the streets Saturday and marched from Old City to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, KYW reported. There were speeches and rallying chants on Independence Mall.

"I think our biggest concern is really losing autonomy over our bodies once again," activist Lynette Medley told KYW about Coney Barrett's nomination. "That it'll basically be something decided with courts, by men, decided by women who don't have the same experiences because of their privilege."

She and others also touched on the issue of getting disenfranchised communities out to the polls.

You can see the full KYW coverage here.

At another march in Washington DC, demonstrators flocked to the Supreme Court, in light of the recent death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the contentious political fight to replace her. Federal judge Amy Coney Barrett appeared on Capitol Hill for Senate hearings this week.

Some marchers wore black and a white collar to honor Ginsburg and the collar she wore on the Supreme Court bench.

A Women's March on Philadelphia in January this year focused on getting more women to run for public office.

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