Philly Assistant Principal Goes Viral for Giving Best Hugs 

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Ever heard the saying there’s nothing quite like the power of a good hug? Well, the saying is true for one school in Philadelphia where giving out a hug has gone viral.

The Assistant Principal at Mastery Charter Mann Elementary, Arnold Ford, has become best known for the hugs he gives out to the students.

“He gives a bear hug and it's the best. It’s like the best hug you could ask for,” Trinity Hall, a 6th grade student, said.

A few years back, while searching for a funny school surveillance video of himself wiping out on his way into work, he saw himself on all the school's cameras giving hugs to the kids. After that he began regularly posting the hug videos as a little shot of positivity, and recently has gained lots of new followers checking his feed for fresh hug videos.

“In a way we got to give ourselves permission to be open to that kind of connection, that kind of love. Our kids deserve it and not only that we deserve it,” Ford said. “Sometimes it's not about them really. It's me who needs the hug.”

Ford has created a culture of hugs and love into Mann Elementary, all the teachers partake in it.

“Giving people hugs, just gives them a better day and he is just helping kids and philly,” Jordan Muhammed, a 6th grader, said. “I have big dreams and he is one of my inspirations. The stuff he does I just want to do that.”

Ford’s videos amassed even more popularity and recognition when his videos began being shared by other platforms with large followings.

“I believe any space we walk into we deserve to be received with love, so love is our curriculum,” Ford said.

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