Philadelphia Police Officer Paul Sulock Goes Home After Being Shot in Leg, Chasing Down Suspects

Chaos erupted around 11:10 a.m. near 3100 Reach Street in the shadow of SEPTA's Market Frankford Line

What to Know

  • Philadelphia police officer Paul Sulock was shot in Kensington Wednesday morning.
  • Sulock is a 10-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department and a father of four.
  • He was hit by gunfire while attempting to break up a potential shooting, police said.

Helicopters whirled overhead as the Philadelphia police officer who, chased down and helped apprehend two suspects despite being shot in the thigh, was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon.

Paul Sulock, 31, emerged with barely a limp just one day after a dramatic encounter in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. He even took a moment to pose with fellow officers from the 24th district.

"We were very fortunate that he was able to walk out," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said. "He went through a very traumatic situation and something that, undoubtedly, he will replay over and over again." 

Sulock was struck by gunfire Wednesday while attempting to thwart a shooting near G and Madison streets. He and his partner had been patrolling the area when they saw two men crouched behind cars. As the officers approached, one of the men opened fire. Sulock was hit just above the knee, yet chased down the man who shot him.

The father of four was hailed a hero by the police department, Mayor Jim Kenney and Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner during a joint news conference Wednesday.

On Thursday, the accolades continued as fellow police officers shook Sulock’s hand, one by one, outside Temple University Hospital in North Philadelphia. He was accompanied by his wife and parents, including his policeman father.

The gunman who shot Sulock was arrested Wednesday afternoon, according to police. Ross said the suspect was previously "known" to law enforcement officers but the commissioner did not release the man’s name. Ross did, however, describe the suspect as "a pretty dangerous individual," adding that officers from other jurisdictions were also looking into the same suspect.

Photos: Kensington Police Officer Shot

Police have not determined if the second suspect was armed and what led to the confrontation between the two men.

"The manner in which [Sulock] and his part conducted themselves in the line of fire speaks volumes for their bravery, as well as their commitment to public safety," Ross said.

Surveillance video obtained by NBC10 showed one of the gunmen running away from the scene while Sulock's partner chased after him. [[499960111, C]]

Sulock's partner and the two suspects were not injured, Ross said.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office promised swift justice.

"We are here to support this truly heroic officer," Krasner said. "We want you know that the District Attorney's Office is taking this case extremely seriously."

The matter will be assigned to the legal unit that handles homicide and shooting matters, Krasner added.

At least three dozen police cars from the city and SEPTA police departments flooded nearby Allegheny Avenue as the investigation continued. Armed officers could be seen running through back alleys behind homes in the area.

"I'm shot. I'm shot in the leg," Sulock could be heard saying over the police department's radio system after he was shot.

SkyForce10 was overhead as several other people were also arrested and taken into custody. Police will not try to piece together what led to the confrontation between the two suspects.

A Philadelphia police officer was shot in the leg while responding to a gun battle in the Kensington neighborhood Wednesday morning, police sources say.
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