Cop Accused of Fondling Women

Officer accused of abusing women during raids

"'You've got some big t--s. I love these t--s. I bet you've got big bras. What size are you?' "

Dagma Rodriguez is one of three women accusing the same Philly police officer of fondling and groping them, according to a Philadelphia Daily News investigation.

"'Can I see them? Let me see them.'  I said, 'No! No!' I was so nervous, I started crying. He told me to shut the f--- up...He kept rubbing me and I started crying more."

Rodriguez, a 33-year old mother of three, says Officer Thomas Tolstoy was in her home during a drug raid last April in West Kensington. Everyone else was taken outside, but she said he ordered her into a dark bedroom and backed her up against a wall, saying they needed to talk.

"He started rubbing my breasts, rubbing my nipples," Rodriguez  said. "I was so scared. My legs wouldn't stop shaking."

Rodriguez said she grabbed Tolstoy's wrists to try to make him stop. He didn't, she said, until another officer who heard her crying, came back up the stairs to ask if everything was okay.

At that point, she said officer Tolstoy took his hands off her breasts and she collapsed onto the floor.


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"I think he would have raped me if no one had come in," she said. "I feel disgusted, so sick. He made me feel like a pig. I keep asking why this happened to me."

Rodriguez and another woman (who did not know each other) came forward, each on their own and each with very similar stories, according to the Daily News. When they were asked to identify the officer, Rodriguez' attorney, Jeremy Ibrahim, said while in most cases, people get shown about seven photographs, these two women were shown more than ten times that number and some of the pictures of different officers were pretty old. 

"To show 80 photos that are outdated is not a legitimate investigative technique," said Ibrahim. "It's clearly unfair to the victim.

However, each victim did quickly identify Tolstoy when they were shown a video that included Tolstoy and five other officers.

The Internal Affairs investigation was actually started because of a third woman. The Daily News wasn't able to track her down, but as part of the investigation, reporters either went to the addresses or made calls to about 100 homes raided by Tolstoy and members of his squad. They found at least twelve women who said the officers "degraded and demeaned them."

Tolstoy is on desk duty in connection with the investigation. He's the fourth officer taken off the streets while Internal Affairs and the FBI investigate allegations of police misconduct. During the raid on Rodriguez' home, officers arrested her fiance on drug charges, after finding more than three ounces of marijuana and a rifle.

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