Baby Dies, Child in Critical Following Philly House Fire

A baby died from his or her injuries while a child remains in critical condition following a house fire in the Olney section of Philadelphia.

The fire started at a home along the 300 block of Sheldon Street shortly before 10 p.m. Thursday. Fire crews were on the scene in four minutes and found heavy smoke in the home, said Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel.

"You can't see anything, there was a lot of smoke in there... so it's always a real challenge to locate people in these buildings," said Thiel.

Two children were rushed to the hospital after they were rescued from a house fire in Olney. NBC10’s Drew Smith reports from the scene.

Firefighters rescued an 11-month-old child and 6-year-old child from the home. They were both taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition. Officials say the 11-month-old child passed away early Monday morning while the 6-year-old child remains in very critical condition.

We have new details about two kids who were hurt in a house fire Thursday evening. Both children are in the hospital, and we’ve learned firefighters found them while battling the fire along Sheldon Street in Olney. NBC10’s Pamela Osborne reports.

Officials continue to investigate the cause of the fire. They also have not yet revealed whether any adults were inside the home at the time of the blaze.

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