Philadelphia Gets a “D” in Small Business Friendliness

A new study from those organizations gave the city a "D" grade in small business friendliness. Ouch. In 2012, Philadelphia earned a "C," so it appears the city is trending in the wrong direction.

Study organizers polled 12,000 small business owners across the United States about the current business climate in their cities and states.

They had plenty of harsh grades for Philadelphia. In fact, the city didn't earn higher than a "C" in any category. Here's a breakdown:

  • Philadelphia earned a "C" for its regulatory friendliness.
  • Philadelphia earned a "C" for the ease of its licensing.
  • Philadelphia tied with Pittsburgh in its friendliness grade, and finished behind Camden, N.J., which earned a "C-".

Still, there were some bright spots. It's getting easier to start a business, as that grade climbed from a "D+" last year to a "C-" this year. Training and networking programs went from an "F" in 2013 to a "C-" in 2014.


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