Philadelphia City Council to Address City's ‘Eviction Crisis' for Low-Income Renters

Philadelphia City Council is holding a hearing Monday to address what one Councilwoman described as an "eviction crisis" in the city, with the discussion expected to address the legal representation for low-income renters.

Councilwomen Helen Gym, Maria Quiñones-Sánchez and Cindy Bass are leading the hearing that will feature legal experts and advocates to investigate solutions to the issues facing Philly renters.

The hearing comes in light of new research showing that 1 in 14 Philly renters have faced eviction, according to a press release from the Councilwoman Gym.

“Eviction is a leading driver of poverty and homelessness in Philadelphia,” the release said. “Last year alone, 24,000 evictions were filed in the city and only 1% of low-income renters had the legal representation necessary to fight back. Despite their best efforts, people who have faced eviction face significant barriers to future housing and employment.”

Residents who have faced eviction and substandard housing will also testify, Gym's office said.

The hearing starts at 1 p.m. in Council chambers at City Hall.

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