Suspected Bank Robber Has Short Run

A suspected bank robber's busy Saturday ended abruptly in police custody, according to investigators.

Authorities say Christopher Edwards, 40, robbed two New Jersey banks on Saturday morning.

Police say the first robbery happened shortly after 8 a.m. at a TD Bank in Stratford, New Jersey.  Edwards, who police say was driving a silver vehicle with Pennsylvania plates, allegedly robbed the bank and escape.

20 minutes later, Edwards allegedly struck again, at a Wells-Fargo bank on Route 130 in Brooklawn.  Police say he passed bank employees a note demanding money, collected the cash, and then drove away.  According to authorities, the getaway vehicle was also silver.

Law enforcement shared the car's description, and police say a short time later, a Mt. Ephraim officer spotted a matching vehicle driving into Camden.

The officer, Danielle Perna, performed a motor vehicle stop and called for back-up.  When the vehicle was searched, police said they recovered the stolen cash.

Police say Edwards also confessed to having robbed two other New Jersey banks, the Wells Fargo Bank in Stratford on June 30 and the PNC Bank in Stratford on June 17.  He was taken into custody without incident.

He is charged with multiple counts of robbery and is being held at the Camden County Jail.

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