Forget the Coin: Pennsylvania Lottery Releases Lazier ‘Fast Play' Lottery Ticket

On-demand 'Fast Play' tickets require no scratching or waiting for drawings

Playing the lottery will take less effort -- and no coin -- now in the Keystone State.

The Pennsylvania Lottery launched Tuesday its new "Fast Play" game that doesn’t require players to scratch-off the tickets or wait for a drawing. Instead, the ticket is generated and printed on-demand from sales terminals and kiosks. The player can then immediately scan the ticket or examine it to see if it’s a winner.

"Fast Play launch is a milestone in the evolution of the Pennsylvania Lottery," lottery executive director Drew Svitko said.

The game is the first entirely new type of game for the Pa. Lottery since they introduced scratch-offs in the mid1970s, the lottery said.

"This new type of game has been popular in other states and we expect Pennsylvania Lottery players will enjoy it, as well," Svitko said.

Fast Play tickets come in 41, $2 and $5 tickets and prizes can vary. [[221614871, C]]

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