Pennsylvanians, You Might Be Owed a Chunk of Nearly $4 Billion

The City of Philadelphia is trying to get around $6 million owed by the Pennsylvania's Treasury Department. You might also have money waiting for you.

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A Philadelphia councilwoman is pushing to get millions back into the pockets of the city owed to them by the state of Pennsylvania, and the commonwealth may owe you too.

Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson announced in a news release Tuesday that the first annual report outlining unclaimed property owed to the City of Philadelphia by the State of Pennsylvania was given to the Chief Clerk of Philadelphia City Council.

A bill passed in May and signed by Mayor Jim Kenney in June requires the city's director of finance to produce a full report of all unclaimed property owed to Philadelphia by the commonwealth.

The councilwoman said the report revealed the city is owed more than $6 million in unclaimed property, which the City's Treasurer's Office has already requested 78% of the funds.

The councilwoman said that the money owed can be used for resources residents in Philadelphia need.

“We need every dollar owed to the City of Philadelphia accounted for and collected, so we can provide Philadelphians with the quality resources they need and deserve," Gilmore Richardson said in a news release.

The news release says that the commonwealth holds nearly $4 billion in unclaimed property in total. Some of that money could be yours.

Any resident of Pennsylvania can check if they owed anything using the state's unclaimed property site.

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