Bucks County Fire Station Honors Neighbors Who Helped Firefighters Battle Barn Blaze

A Bucks County fire station on Wednesday night will recognize a group of neighbors who stepped up to help local firefighters put out a barn fire in late August.

The neighbors from Richardson Avenue in Bensalem Township — Christopher Schick, Bob Haskins, Joe Robinson, and Tom Nolan — will be honored and thanked by the Cornwells Fire Company for helping firefighters battle an aggressive barn fire in the Bensalem area. The men jumped in to help drag a heavy hose down the street so firefighters could put out the blaze.

The recognition will take place during the station’s annual fire prevention open house Wednesday evening.

On Aug. 21, fire erupted inside a barn on the 100 block of Tennis Avenue.

Michelle Heil, a witness, took pictures of the incident. She captured an image of nearby residents lending a hand to the firefighters and posted it on her Facebook page.

Two firefighters, one from the Cornwells Fire Company and the other from the Union Fire Company, suffered minor injuries while trying to put out the fire. They fully recovered.

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